Ok, a bit of  a site redesign as I begin my new focus . . . I posted this a bit ago, but decided to clean it up a tad. Again, if anyone spots any problems with the ‘math’ let me know.

It is a painful and harsh way to die.  Starvation.  Occasionally the powerful hunger breaches even the realm of the dead.  When those who waste away slowly, painfully, losing all thought and rational emotion except for the driving need for food there is a chance their stubborn, hungry spirit stays.  These corpses reanimate as famishes.

Famishes are not particularly intelligent.  They are incapable of ambushes, speech, or skilled tactics.  These withered husks are driven only by the desire to eat, and nothing satiates them like the flesh of other sentient beings.  There typical battle strategy involves latching on to the nearest living being and overbearing it, followed by the gruesome display of it feasting upon its prey.

Famishes typically occur in the areas they have fallen.  Places such as prisons, battlefields, and the slums of the cities are more likely to breed this type of undead than any other


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