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Ok, a bit of  a site redesign as I begin my new focus . . . I posted this a bit ago, but decided to clean it up a tad. Again, if anyone spots any problems with the ‘math’ let me know. It is a painful and harsh way to die.  Starvation.  Occasionally the powerful […]

The exciting conclusion to TOP 10 MONSTERS! (or not!) 3) CARYATID COLUMN – Oh, yeah, two ladies at the same time. Every adventurer’s dream . . . unless that adventurer is a dwarf, in which case we know they only dream of beer. Sweet, sweet beer. These constructs are based off ancient Greek carvings of […]

Time to pick some pockets! Stealing from a variety of places today, but namely tenletter, Monsters and Manuals, and the Ghost Tower of Dustiness. Anyways the above blogs have got me thinking and  I have decided to post up my favorite 10 monsters from the annals of D&D history. A quick definition of favorite – […]