Thieves’ Tools

This page will house a collection of houserules, creations, and other options to expand your 4th edition game.


Damage Houserules – A collection of houserules, mine and others, meant to add a bit of grit to your 4th edition combat.

Nature & Demeanor – An alternate system to replace D&D’s alignment roleplaying mechanic. This system is meant to reward roleplaying with the distribution of useable Role-play Points.

Ration Points – A system for keeping track of rations in your 4th edition game. Originally thought up by the guys over at At-Will.


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  1. 1 Asmor

    Just an FYI, you can prevent the “self-pingbacks” when you link to your own entries by using relative URLs, i.e. instead of:

    <a href=””>

    you’d use:

    <a href=”/4th-edition-material/”>

  2. 2 The Last Rogue


  3. Polishers2445

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  3. 3 Goodbye Magic Items, Hello PC Talent « Thieves’ Cant

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