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So, I opened my mailbox this weekend to find package awaiting me . . . Kobold Quarterly 12. So BAM! – already a warm, happy feeling. However, I then look towards the upper right hand corner of my envelope and there, scribbled in blue ink, is the following handwriting: Thanks for renewing your subscription. First […]

It seems to me that the utility, convenience, and thoroughness of DDI’s D&D Compendium and Character Builder work against the success of 3rd party publishers. While I’ve no scientific evidence to back up this claim, it does seem on some accepted level a good number of 4e players & DMs use the compendium and certainly […]

Dark Sun – Ladies and young children look away . . . Dark Sun grabbed us by the short hairs and blew our fucking minds. We loved it like fat kids love brunch and lupper. We sank into it like the Titanic into the chilly Atlantic. We. Loved. Dark. Sun. Aside from some awesome adventures […]

Now to bore you with personal information! In this case, a rundown of my gaming life and profile posted for your reading pleasure. Don’t thank me, I’ve been inspired by the 100th episode of The Tome Show. Beginnings – I started gaming about 1994. I was in junior high and my new stepdad had a […]

The exciting conclusion to TOP 10 MONSTERS! (or not!) 3) CARYATID COLUMN – Oh, yeah, two ladies at the same time. Every adventurer’s dream . . . unless that adventurer is a dwarf, in which case we know they only dream of beer. Sweet, sweet beer. These constructs are based off ancient Greek carvings of […]

Time to pick some pockets! Stealing from a variety of places today, but namely tenletter, Monsters and Manuals, and the Ghost Tower of Dustiness. Anyways the above blogs have got me thinking and  I have decided to post up my favorite 10 monsters from the annals of D&D history. A quick definition of favorite – […]