My D and D – The Middle Years


Dark Sun – Ladies and young children look away . . . Dark Sun grabbed us by the short hairs and blew our fucking minds. We loved it like fat kids love brunch and lupper. We sank into it like the Titanic into the chilly Atlantic. We. Loved. Dark. Sun.

Aside from some awesome adventures and gladiatorial mayhem that we wrought upon Athas, it is also the genesis of one of our favorite in-character lines – my good friend Miller having his ½ Giant defend his intellect – “I am not stupid.” But, alas, the big giant surely was.

Of course, the best aspect of Dark Sun was that it crossed D&D fantasy and post-apocalyptic grit in an entertaining manner. Throw in a heaping helping of Sorak, muls, and the Prism Pentad and you are destined for fun gaming.

Athas is also where I got the chance to be a bit of a player as well, with my eccentric preserver Vernors Valiant. Vernors was too nice for his own good and too honorable as well. He met his end as hordes of gith crested a dune intent on ravaging a caravan I’d hired on to protect. The rest of the PCs had run away (not uncommon in Dark Sun), but I stayed.

I think I got one of them with a magic missile.

I cannot wait for this bad boy to come back out in 4e.

3.5 – I ran some fun campaigns in 3.5, but nothing that really stretched into the realm of super amazing. I did the PCs versus the slaver thing, PCs versus the drow, PCs versus dragons (they happened to be the slavers mentioned before) . . . However, I did get the chance to play my favorite character of all-time in 3.5, Patch, a human rogue with, you guessed it, an eye-patch.

The campaign was the wickedly combat-heavy Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil. In truth, some of the hard details of the game are a bit fuzzy to me because as opposed to a beer and pretzel style game, this was more of a beer, beer, and whiskey kind of game.  Some highlights:

* Patch knocking off a fire-hurling Baddie from her platform using Ring of the Ram.

* Patch using a Potion of Gaseous Form to enter into a chest to get said Ring of the Ram

* Patch being enthralled by a powerful charm spell from the wizard in the group. This happened because the wizard wanted to lead people to slaughter so as to benefit from some dark ritual/well that essentially operated on the following formula – Sacrifice here = 50,000 gp magic item. Patch eventually breaking free of enchantment, poisoning a pair of gloves with powerful contact poison and presenting them to the wizard as a gift. The wizard putting them on, Patch watching him die with an evil grin . . .

Man, there is a lot of infighting in my stories.

Others – We played 3.5 to death and so eventually began experimenting with other drugs . . . er . . . games. Shadowrun was awesome because it had magic AND grenades (both of which the PCs used in an epic raid on a corrupt police station), Vampire was awesome (Jim, thank you for being a kickass storyteller) because you got to be fucking VAMPIRES (one day I may run down all our White Wolf hijinx, but not today . . . you may thank me in vitae), and Marvel Universe RPG was a chance to roleplay with limited seriousness in mind.

Then there was WOW (no stories worth telling)

And finally there was D&D once more . . .


2 Responses to “My D and D – The Middle Years”

  1. Dark Sun!!! That is where I began playing D&D, back in 7th grade in 1993-94. I played an elf gladiator named Ivynn (pronounced like Ivan) who wielded two katars (punching daggers). The X-men cartoon was really popular at the time and I wanted him to fight like Wolverine. Those were some good times.

    DS was for more advanced players but the dm’d simplified it and fudged at times to keep things fun – hey we were only 13 years old. 😉 I still remember Ivynn climbing up a giant with his katars and hacking away at his skull while standing on the back of his shoulders in the arena.

    The 4th Edition of Dark Sun is what I am MOST anticipating over anything else.

    Great post!!!

  2. 2 The Last Rogue

    That is awesome! Dwarves were sweet in DS . . . the whole focus-as-a-driving-force concept was a very slight, but usable, twist on the dwarven concept.

    I am right there with you — DS 4E is going to rock!

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