My D&D – The Early Years


Now to bore you with personal information! In this case, a rundown of my gaming life and profile posted for your reading pleasure. Don’t thank me, I’ve been inspired by the 100th episode of The Tome Show.

Beginnings – I started gaming about 1994. I was in junior high and my new stepdad had a huge bookshelf of fantasy novels and gaming material from old-school D&D to 2nd edition.


It was the fantasy novels that caught my attention first. I became completely absorbed within the isle of Moonshae as depicted by Douglas Niles in his aptly titled Moonshae Trilogy. From there it was on to the Avatar Trilogy, Dark Elf Trilogy & Icewind Dale, the Dragonlance Chronicles and complete and utter addiction to all things D&D-flavored.

Of course the next natural step was to master the game itself. I pored over the tomes of 2nd Edition D&D and ran my first game with a few friends. I was apparently prescient and intelligent enough to understand that Kobolds should be fought first AND from that point on I had a gaming group that was utterly hooked.

That First True Campaign


  • Miller
    • Halamath Greenleaf (Elven Wizard) Left us about 6-7th level but became a demi-god . . . in thrall to another PC.
    • Thorn Orccleaver (Dwarven Fighter) Garnered the Regalia of Might. Became the hero of the campaign.
  • Kevin
    • Jack – an overweight, curmudgeonly priest of Kelemvor who eventually became the God of Chaos and Undeath thanks to finding a scrap of Myrkul’s robes. Ascended to godhood after wiping out a Waterhadvian temple to Umberlee at about 6-7th level. Took Halamath with him.
    • Odifia Sangazeratti – A wood giant monk. Yup.
  • Scott
    • “Cannot Remember Name” – an Elven ranger who refused to go into towns and cities. He eventually gained a follower. This follower was killed while on watch by members of the BBEG’s crew. He was hung up and left to bleed to death. Since no one cut him down or gave him a proper burial, he came back as a revenant to seek vengeance on his master for allowing him to die in such disgrace. He exacted that vengeance; the ranger got held in a bonfire and died.
    • “Cannot Remember Name II” – a shifter from a net book. Like Morph from the X-men. Was a stalwart companion until he got into a tilt with the cleric of Lathander. Their fight ultimately ended with the shifter being held, then turned impotent by repeated blows to the groin from the cleric’s mace. (Remember we were all young teens). Due to this, II began to think the group was against him and became a ripe target for the manipulations of Assyrian, an undead Knight, who turned him into a dracolich.
  • Aaron
    • Cleric of Lathander – The longest lived of the original characters, this slightly offbeat character is best remembered for the aforementioned “crotch-bludgeoning.” This character then turned into a tree, in order to hide from the enraged shifter who’d assumed dragonform at this point. He was seen and killed.
    • Saurial Paladin – The above tiff took place on an isle populated by Saurials. Aaron immediately rolled another character, a young sauron who wanted to free his isle of the ‘dragon’ it had just seen. He charged the dragon (actually Scott’s shifter) with his first action. The dragon/shifter killed him within two rounds.
    • Wemic Fighter – Just because we had one session left in the campaign.
  • Me, the DM
    • Isaac – the Villain. An escaped prisoner who wanted to unleash a flight of dragons and be their master. He was nothing more than a petty thief who had stolen a pair of bracers that gave him . . . remember I was young and inexperienced . . . 10 attacks per round. His goal was to find Orbs of Dragonkind.
    • Derek – the lackey. Derek was found as low-level guard in multiple situations working for multiple victims. After constantly seeing him escape (he often surrendered and ran) they finally killed him.
    • Yi – A ninja. He kicked the party’s ass multiple times before realizing they meant to do well.
    • Assyrian – Ultimately the victor. He wanted to be a BBEG himself and wanted Isaac removed. He had his way by tricking Scott into becoming a Dracolich
    • The group is fairly decimated by the time they reach Isaac. The wemic is new. Odifia has been pummeled to death. Shifter is a dracolich flying towards the final battle to kill everything. It is only Thornn and Isaac. Isaac is much too quick for the dwarf, so the dwarf throws a rope on him and grapples him. While they are embraced such, the dracolich swoops down and breathes on all of them . . . the end.

Crazy. Fun. We were hooked.


3 Responses to “My D&D – The Early Years”

  1. 1 Davis

    Thank goodness — I was afraid D&D was a medical procedure

  2. 2 The Last Rogue

    If only . . .

  1. 1 monk robe

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